Company Organization


Professional Fashion Group

“Best of Best”
The business which started at a very small place grew into a company leading the parallel import business during the last 10 years.
The center of such growth momentum always has been the human and thus we are confident in the manpower of Lets Milan Commerce Co.
We will always strive to provide the best culture to our company’s employees, families, and precious customers.

Management / CEOLeo

“As a habit.., as used to.., convenient place”
These days, we need a specialist who can provide us with an ordered daily life to us as we are exposed to a wide area of information, products, and services.
We will cooperate with field personnel to establish an automated system by marking the customers' experience in a 1:1 manner and nurturing specialists to lead new experience to globalize Korean type online boutique.
Management / VPKim Mira
Heo Seong-hyeokManagement strategy center / Leader
"Value increase of company and employees through respect and consideration"To address the recent rapid environmental change in the e-commerce market and the company’s growth, the company has increased its number of employees by 50% during the last year. Both new and existing employees are trying hard to make the company feel as a “Great Work Place”
Lim Deok-kyunDevelop team / Leader
As a developer, working for a rapidly growing company means that I can focus more on development in a stable environment.
Every morning, we have a tea time to discuss the latest development trends,
and outside of work, we participate in study groups to stay up-to-date on the industry.
Our company's self-development encouragement atmosphere seems to be the best in the world...
Even I, who is over 40 years old, naturally study with a sense of good tension.
Park Jong-yulFinance/accounting team / Leader
“Not allowing 1 won of error”As the task is about recording the company’s management activities in numbers, no other team would see more numbers than we do.
We will establish a perfect accounting system in the e-commerce area with our hands.
Rita De FilippoGlobal sourcing team / Leader
"Boungiorno tutti !"There are two Italian employees in our team.
Italian friends working in Korea say they are worried about trouble with superiors, stringent climate, forced joint dinners, and other things that are difficult to adjust to.
In contrast, our company has a horizontal organizational culture so that we can freely express our opinions and regular time to enjoy personal life is guaranteed. Therefore we are satisfied, being proud to have worked for 6 years.
We are expecting for our further life in Korea.^^
Ji Seo-wanMarketing team / Leader
"Oh? I go there often."
Let's Milan's marketing team is not just about executing ads.
They understand the product and brand holistically and deliver it to customers in a valuable way according to trends.
That's why they observe small changes across all channels, including ads, content, and websites, and hope for their potential.
They work together to achieve meaningful results until the end.
"Oh? I go there often."
They are still working hard to hear this one word today.
Kang Dong-hyeokOnline MD team / Leader
"We were born to be MDs"We are accumulating and analyzing data every day and working hard to establish a differentiated MD and achieve price competitiveness in the rapidly changing online market.^^
#Life as an MD is a struggle in itself..
We will #all-get fashion, luxury brands, everything beautiful in the world to provide our customers with fresh and great experience all the time.
Lee Jun-hyungContent team / Leader
"First impression = 3 seconds"
This is the content team that creates Let's Milan's first impression.
From product detail pages to advertising content, and homepage UI/UX, we create all visual content that is first delivered to customers.
We are working with the responsibility of "Everything made with our fingertips determines Let's Milan's first impression."
We will do our best to deliver Let's Millan's core brand value to customers through images.
Lee Ji-hyeCustomer management team / Leader
“Thank you for your kind consulting. It became a great present."
This is a customer review who bought a present for a friend.
We are encouraged by customers when we come upon customers who acknowledge our team’s efforts to move for accurate consulting and fast customer response while being tired.
As we communicate where we are nearest to the customer, we work with pride that our team’s effort can even make the company’s confidence and image look brighter.
 Jung Won-boLogistics team / Leader
Let's Be Smart!
Our warehouse has grown dramatically not only in hardware but also in software.
If we were to approach logistics with simple manual labor, we wouldn't have been able to create Let's Milan's stocking/inspection/take out goods system.
Let's Milan Commerce will satisfy the various needs of customers based on 10 years of smart logistics know-how.